Designed and art directed the environmental graphics for the South City Campus. Most classes and events at this campus are art related. There are galleries, art exhibits, performing arts, and art classes. It houses the Grand Theatre and it's a Sundance Film Festival venue. I also proposed and designed the 12' tall letter landmark sign that is in front of the campus.  


Roll: Concept, Design, Art Direction

Design Problem I: Campus image felt disjointed.

Solution I: Proposed and designed a sub-brand for this campus that reflects the types of classes and events held here. I chose an artsy/abstract look and feel that could encapsulate all types of art. Designed brand guidelines which includes a color palette and style guide for all artwork displayed.

Design Problem II: Was asked to think of ways to spruce up the campus for Sundance film screenings held annually on January. 

Solution II: After some research, I noticed that the front facing part of the campus was not easily identifiable as you drove by. I proposed a large letter sign to be built in the front lawn lit by spotlights at night. I also proposed large tall banners that hang from the facade of the building. These also matched pole banners I designed as part of the campaign that were placed throughout the entire campus. I designed this artsy/abstract campaign with the tagline "Stay Unique." Both these designs (letter sign and hanging banners) have been very successful and original concepts for this campus.

Design Problem III: Behind the historical part of the campus is the new Center for Arts and Media. A state of the art new addition to the campus. The director of this center felt the walls were bare and needed some color. 

Solution III: I designed installations throughout the two-floor building, (down hallways, classroom doors, labs, offices, atriums, etc.) that not only added color but they are also way finding practical designs.