My Roll: Proposal, design and art direction of the SLCC Landmark signs. Proposed each location and the design for each campus based on visibility and type of campus as well as the height and size. I was also part of the cement and material color selection with the builders and architects

Objective: a) to increase the identification of the college as you pass by, b) for aesthetic reasons c) to create an iconic landmark for the college and d) a great photo backdrop.


  • South City Campus: The first sign was for South City Campus. It was so well received and popular we got a request to do a few more.

  • For the Taylorsville Redwood Campus I added the entire name at the bottom of the letters since it is the main campus of the college. 

  • For Jordan Campus, it was a little trickier finding the location, but  I used Google Maps to navigate the campus and found the perfect spot right after you enter the campus.

  • I proposed a second Jordan Campus sign because it was another prominent spot that we had that we could just add the "SLCC" letters to. This sign is visible from Bangerter Highway and about 9500 South​.

Photo Credit: Steve Speckman,

Salt Lake Community College